Heathrow Express: Real-Time Digital Information Service

Next time you pass through Heathrow, look out for our award-winning 'Journey Comparison Generator' for Heathrow Express. Pulling together five layers of real-time data, the smart screens present passengers with an easy to read price and time comparison for their onward journey to central London. By accessing arrivals data, the screens – located in the baggage reclaim area – automatically switch to the native language of incoming passengers. 

The generator, a world first, is the latest activation of the ‘the Smarter Way’ organising idea we created for the brand. Fraser Brown, Heathrow Express director, said: “The aim of the ‘journey comparison generator’ is to enable Heathrow passengers to get into London as speedily, easily and as cheaply as possible. By harnessing many different sources of real-time data into one we are helping to make this happen.” The campaign recently won a category award for digital advertising at The Drum, Creative Out of Home Awards.