Heathrow Express: Realising A Brand Experience

HEX (Heathrow Express) has a business mission – to be the automatic choice for airport transfer to central London.Recently they've been facing an increasingly challenging operational environment.Passenger numbers have been declining through competition from black cabs, the tube and pre-ordered executive cars - this despite HEX's investment in new trains and an improved passenger experience for the 15-minute journey.Saatchi & Saatchi pro developed a unifying positioning for the business, one that is competitive in the market, and that defines behaviours across the service offer,allowing HEX to build a relationship beyond the purely functional journey itself. 'The smarter way' is expressed as the smarter choice, the smarter experience, - and internally as the smarter business. 

We facilitated workshops with management and team leaders to embed the 'smarter' promise in the business, and designed a pocket brand expression guide to help the staff deliver on the promise.A consistent brand expression and graphic identity was developed right across the business, both in the airport environment as well as in online and offline targeted acquisition campaign activity to reinforce this premium positioning.Heathrow Express won ‘Best UK rebrand’ at the Transform awards.