Oracle: Inspiring Customer Stories

Oracle needed to take its on premise customers on a journey to the cloud and win new enterprise prospects to its cloud offering.

Our challenge was to increase spontaneous awareness as a cloud leader, and also shift perception of Oracle as a human brand across EMEA and JAPAC.

We developed a customer-centric campaign led by human insights, rather than sales targets to engage decision-makers as people, not just as executives. Moving away from a traditional corporate approach, we spoke to real life businesses in their pursuit to solve real world problems: transforming businesses, their customers’, and wider communities alike.

The campaign featured a series of films starring customers as heroes in their own environments and language. We brought to life their passion and vision in a beautifully shot reportage style, with a warm and inspiring tone of voice. This moves away from Oracle’s traditionally direct approach, which could often be dismissed as arrogant and not appealing to audience needs.

The films were supported by an ATL campaign across out of home, radio, print and digital. Mapping the messaging across the consumer journey, we created a consistent experience across all touch-points.