PwC Assurance: A Motivating Global Positioning

Assurance is at the heart of PwC’s business, but for many people it is associated only with statutory audit services. Our task was to develop a relevant, distinctive and motivating positioning for PwC’s Global Assurance practice, which could be used to raise its profile and relevance, both internally and externally. Following a series of workshops with partners and recent hires, we identified the core benefit of Assurance as giving businesses the confidence to pursue more ambitious goals. (The insight embedded in the old adage that “the better the brakes, the faster you can drive the car”.)

To bring the idea to life, we used the metaphor of a weightlifter attempting a new record. This concept was initially explored in a short, emotive film ‘Confidence at your Fingertips’, that highlighted the role of people behind the scenes in achieving an objective. The film was used in conjunction with partner ‘talking heads’ as a piece of internal communication to the 90,000 Assurance staff around the world.  It has also been used for recruitment and in new business presentations.