San Miguel Fresca: Creating A New Portfolio Brand

San Miguel Fresca was launched in 2012 as a seasonal ‘easy drinking’ lager for the summer. The launch campaign emphasised physical refreshment with a Spanish accent, using the line “Hola Fresca; Adios Thirst”. Its success meant that San Miguel wanted it to have year round distribution, but without cannibalising volume from the flagship San Miguel 5% product. The business challenge was therefore to move San Miguel from a single product brand to a portfolio brand without diluting the parent brand equity whilst at the same time providing a distinct positioning for Fresca.

Fresca needed to stand for more than just physical refreshment, which is the category generic. The final creative idea “Hola Vida” encapsulated the more distinctive dimension of emotional refreshment, whilst ensuring that the visual treatment, casting and graphics emphasised the physical refreshment. The theme is firmly rooted in the way people behave when they are, or want to be refreshed – the archetypical Spanish ability to disregard time and socialise more, dance more, laugh more ... enjoy the moment, the ‘now’, without worrying about the future. It’s about feeling refreshed, upbeat and alive – and of course drinking Fresca is an integral part of this experience.