Vaillant UK: Comfort for your home

Vaillant are a premium family-owned boiler manufacturer headquartered in Germany with a longstanding presence in the UK. Our challenge was to raise awareness of Vaillant with the end customer and increase advocacy with installers – the key influencer.

Insight #1: Our best hope of influencing the SME installer audience was to influence end-consumers

Insight #2: We needed an emotional message around premium comfort to avoid the rational language of the category and justify Vaillant’s premium pricing.

The Comfort Zone campaign was centred on a TV ad that produced an advertising experience that actively made the audience feel comfort rather than simply talking to them about comfort.

To make the campaign B2B2C, we supported the TV ad with a range of other media channels directed at the installer audience including email, social and print.


  • Vaillant Group sales significantly exceeded the underlying market trend
  • Vaillant was responsible for driving the significant majority of underlying market growth
  • Spontaneous brand awareness and ‘relevant set’ perceptions increased significantly pre-to-post campaign 
  • Sales leads passed to installers rose dramatically 
  • The UK market outperformed other major European markets
  • Social media showed installers loved the ad too

Client Testimonial

“Comfort Zone is a highly unusual approach for the marketplace, but the campaign had a strong business-case behind it so we were able to convince our stakeholders it was the right thing to do.  The immediate feedback from installers in the category told us we’d got it right, and the sales results have followed that through.  The return to TV, and the standout approach have had a huge impact on building the awareness of the Vaillant brand, and we will be building on that with an evolution of the campaign later on this year.”

Alice Woolley, Marketing Director - Vaillant