Vestas: Purpose-Driven Corporate Culture

Vestas had a dominant share of the global wind turbine market, but was experiencing strong competition from companies like GE and Siemens. Although it was known to be very strong in product engineering, it was losing contracts on the basis of long-term service factors and needed to adopt a more customer-centric approach and business model. The project started by addressing the internal corporate culture. We developed a new purpose for the company around the idea of “Wind. It means the world to us”. Each of the 22,000 employees in the company received a brand book, which showed how their work collectively contributed to the new brand position. Staff brand ambassadors were recruited to share what ‘wind’ meant to them personally, and how these attitudes were reflected in their day-to-day activities. We developed an internal brand video featuring these ambassadors sharing their views together with an activation guide to help managers to set-up and run brand engagement workshops with their staff.